October 28, 2017

Pride Talks Schedule

Pride Talks

Talks are on the Pride Fest grounds at the Riverfront Amphitheater and Pavilions.

Our House

Speaker, Breanne McLendon

3:00 PM


Speaker, Jonnifer Hollis

3:15 PM

Planned Parenthood

Speaker, Ashley Wright

3:30 PM

Arkansas RAPPS

Speaker, Cornelius Mabin

3:45 PM

UAMS Student Researcher

Speaker, Grant Cagle

4:00 PM


Speaker, Carl

4:15 PM

How to Run for Office

Speaker, Tippi McCullough

4:30 PM

The T with Traci & Angie KABF

Speakers, Traci Berry & Angie Bowen

4:45 PM

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