Central Arkansas Pride is thrilled to announce that we are taking 2021 PRIDE Fest VIRTUAL this year! Everyone is encouraged to participate by submitting a virtual clip.

The 9th annual 2021 Central Arkansas PRIDE Fest will still be on Saturday, October 16th. This year’s event will be a fun AND safe PRIDE Fest celebrated together through an exciting new virtual format on Facebook Live. While we cannot celebrate together in-person due to COVID-19, the 2021 Central Arkansas PRIDE Fest will be packed with entertainment and engaging content – and as a part of our community, we’d like for you or your organization to be part of the line-up!

As a community member or ally, we are asking you or your organization to provide an entertaining and/or informative video clip of 30 seconds to one (1) minutes or less. Your video submission can focus on your organization’s mission and purpose, provide an informative or encouraging message, highlight how we – LGBTQ+ and allies – collectively THRIVE together – or whatever theme or message you think is important for celebrating PRIDE. The tone and delivery is yours to decide. It can be a comedy sketch, display of talent, a demonstration or just an informative message or documentary – be creative! This is a family friendly event so all can enjoy our greatly talented and diverse community.

Guidelines for Submissions

  • Speakers (individuals): 30 seconds-1 min.
  • Businesses/Organizations: 30 sec. – 1.5 minutes
  • Performer: 4 min. max.
  • Please submit in video format. The preferred formats are .MP4 and .MOV 

Submission Tips

  • If you are using a phone, please turn your phone horizontally (sideways) not vertical. A horizontal orientation will have better video quality.
  • Be sure your video has good sound! We want to be able to hear what you have to say!
  • Stand in a spot that has good lighting. Try to avoid standing in front of windows as that can produce a glare.

What types of Content can I submit?

  • Why your business/organization supports pride
  • What pride means to you
  • Messages of support/uplifting stories
  • An educational video on current social justice issues
  • Please refrain from including music or other copyrighted material in your submission due to streaming restrictions.

Your video can also include video/photos of your group from previous pride events!

Family and Kids Programming?

Our goal is to produce a family/kids block as part our virtual program. We are looking for content and ideas for this block. If you are interested in collaborating or submitting content for this block, please email info@arpride.org


Submit your Video

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